Bikini Body 8 Week Program Tools

This is yours truly Michelle M. Freeman
I want all my EXTREME fitness GIRLS to be ready for summer with their BANGING BODY!  If you like P90X or Crossfit workouts you will love this 8 week program. I again will be doing these workouts with you. I am going to try and post videos as well as much as I can.
Take BEFORE pictures and then as we go along continue to take progress pictures. At the end I would love to see your before and after pictures.
Remember that your body is an investment and it’s all you have. So spend the money once to have everything you need to keep it strong and healthy.
Iron Gym Chin up Bar:
This is a must have in everyone’s home. I like how it isn’t drilled into your door like some and how you can remove it easy when not in use.
Bowflex Free Weights:
I love these free weights. You only need one set to put under your bed and then you can lift as much as you need when you need it. If you already have weight that’s great. We will need our weights to go up to atleast 30lbs.
Exercise Bands:
These bands are AWESOME and a MUST HAVE! I have skipped the free weights all together when on trips or days when I am at the park because bands are all you need. They are amazing for getting a great upper and lower workouts.
Exercise Matt:
Everyone needs an exercise matt. It keeps you from getting a rug burn or adds padding for hard wood floors.
Balance Board:
I have this at home and find it to help me when doing legs and arms to work more muscle fibers. When you balance you are engaging more muscles then when standing still. THIS YOU DON’T HAVE TO, HAVE TO, HAVE but IT’S A NICE EXTRA.
Weight Bar:
Weight bars are so useful for many exercises. I have one that is 18lb and find that more would be even better and that’s why am posting this 20lb bar. THIS YOU DON’T HAVE TO, HAVE TO, HAVE but IT IS VERY HELPFUL when doing squats. I will at some points use it but again it’s not a must have it’s an EXTRA.
Ankle Weights:
Yes I have these ankle weights! They are so great for a power walk or adding more to your leg or ab workout. I own two pairs and double up on them. Why I love the ones I posted here is because you can take the pins out and wash them. THIS YOU DON’T HAVE TO, HAVE TO, HAVE but I will be using them and find THEY ARE A NICE EXTRA.
Loop Bands:
These bands are great for leg workout. You can tie them around your ankles or thighs without them digging in like the rope bands. THIS YOU DON’T HAVE TO, HAVE TO, HAVE but when doing some leg exercises it’s nice to have a band that is soft like this one. JUST A NICE EXTRA.

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