Delicious Wheat Free Food Choices

I had a question from one of my Extreme Team members. “Thank you for all of the great information. What do you recommend for those that are gluten intolerant? No bread or crackers.” Kim
Here are a list of great choices that I have eaten and LOVE! You can order them through Amazon or get them at your local grocery store. :)

These are some of the crackers that I enjoy and think taste sooo good. There are a lot of wheat free products out there to choice from and some are great and some are pretty yucky.

The nut thins are to die for and I am not proud to say I have eaten a whole box in one sitting before but it was better than all the junk food I could have eaten. LOL

MI DEL cookies are great. My dad loves them so much he ordered a whole shipments online because he can’t have wheat and wanted cookies so bad. I also make my dad wheat free chocolate cookies all the time with wheat free flour.

If you are into making your own bread these are great choices and they make nice fluffy soft bread and not bricks.

Flaxseed bread I eat all the time and this is the one I get from Whole Foods. Sometimes they run out but I try to buy two loafs when I find it because they get sold out so fast. I like to toast it first and then make a sandwich. Plus two slices equal one serving when most bread two slices equal two servings.

Ezekiel Bread is also another good choice and my dad loves that bread. They even have beagles. Look in the health food section of your store or where you find breads for wheat free choices.

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