Healthy Snack Ideas for Weight Loss

Easy ideas for pre-made snacks.

Pre-make Your Snacks

Always start by picking fruits like green apples, strawberries, plums, blueberries, and vegetables like carrots, celery, broccoli, tomatoes, edamame, and cucumbers.

Pre-make them, so you always have them available.
Slice the apples, cut the strawberries, separate the blueberries, and wash the plums, then put them in a Ziploc bag so they’re ready to go! The same thing with the veggies.Small portions of broccoli, sliced bell peppers, celery and mix them together and toss them in little Ziploc bags so they’re ready to eat.
Everyday when it’s time to snack, grab a little bag of fruits or veggies to satisfy your hunger without any complication.

Get little Tupperware containers to scoop some Greek yogurt and top it off with fresh cut strawberries or blueberries. Also, divide almonds and dried cranberries in separate bags to last you the week. With all of these snack choices, you will have no problem reaching in the fridge for a fast, delicious hunger blaster!

Portion Control

Dividing these snacks up, that they are just snacks to be consumed between your three other meals. s. It’s easier to judge your portions when you use the smallest Ziploc bag your grocery store sells.

Snacks on the Go

Protein Shake - Whip up a quick shake for on the go. A great fat blaster is one with blueberries, bananas, a hint of honey and a scoop of Greek yogurt with some protein powder in order to satisfy your hunger and keep you full longer.
Deli Snacks - Go into your supermarket and get a few slices of lean meat such as turkey or chicken. Also get a couple slices of low-fat mozzarella. Roll the two simple ingredients together to get a little roll-up snack!
Grocery Store Randoms - Single serving of hummus with multi-gran pita bread. This is a great snack that keeps you full up until your next meal. Also fat-free cottage cheese.

Snacks with the most carbs in the morning or early afternoon, avoid snacks high in carbohydrates at night.

The best and easiest way to stick to your diet is to always have your prepared snacks with you.

Here is the Protein I buy.

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